Would you be a good, an evil or a pragmatic colonizator?

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Author: Elendurwen - Created 8 Oct 2014

In a future release of the game, an RPG-like tech tree will be implemented that will let you choose between different colonizator and mothership capabilities. The upgrade choices will usually be of three categories: good, evil and pragmatic.
As an example, imagine you are selecting how to boost effectivity of your unhappy minions. A ‘good’ thing to do would be to perhaps build them pubs and let them enjoy a drink once in a while, making them more happy and therefore more effective (when they are not drunk!). An ‘evil’ thing to do would be to perfect mind control as one of your personal abilities, allowing you to concentrate on single minions and temporarily make them feel happy by altering their neural activity. If you were a ‘pragmatic’, you would perhaps choose to distribute drugs that minions could take and get a happiness boost.
In another example, let’s imagine you are defending your silo against alien creatures that are trying to steal your resources. A colonizator with a good heart could leave some resources outside of the base in order to distract the aliens with an easy prey. A pragmatic person could build illumination around the silo to scare the creatures off. An evil thing to do would be to train soldiers and kill the intruders.
What side do you stand on? Do you think the three-sided choices make sense? 
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Danny | 8 Oct 2014

I would definitely be evil. Noone messes with my colony!

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