Who are you?

I come from the EU and currently live in Brighton, UK. I am currently working towards my PhD in swarm robotics at the University of Southampton. I also do freelance development, mostly Flash, to earn a bit of extra money. You can read more about my work on http://lenkspace.net

I am passionate about robots and games and wanted to create a successful game of my own since I finished my undergraduate degree in games development. No, sorry, let me correct myself: I wanted to create a successful game since I was 10. Along my path, this dream has been becoming more and more real and I feel that now it’s time to make this really happen.

Besides being at the University, I worked first as a freelance web developer and later as a web / mobile app developer here in Brighton. I love programming as much as I love gaming. When I code, I am 'in the zone’ and I love the feeling of being enthusiastic about a project and seeing it come to life. I also like doing art, mostly writing poems but also drawing.

Can you finish the game?

When I was a freelancer, I created my first iPhone game ‘Alien Strike’ and released it on iTunes. I learned a lot from that experience, especially that a community around a game is really important and that agile iterative development is the way to go. When I was employed later by a development studio, I also gained a lot of experience in game and app development, project and time management, as well as in working with and managing other people. All these past experiences led me to a state where I know both my strengths and my limits and how to work with them.

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Alpha 0.1.0
A basic tutorial campaign, random maps with randomized objectives
Kickstarter campaign
Solid plan. Web site re-design. Game play videos.
Steam Greenlight
Project posted on Steam Greenlight. Game refactoring, hiring artisits.
Alpha 0.2.0
Steam support. New interface, 3D graphics, multiple resolutions support. Game play improvements.
Alpha 0.3.0
User login, storing user data remotely. Linux support. More in-game objects.