A Sneak Peek into the New GUI

Author: Elendurwen - Created 16 Jul 2014

Just like all in-game characters, buildings and environments, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is undergoing massive improvements. Most importantly, different resolutions will be supported (the game currently only supports 1024x768px).

There will be no boring menu system anymore. Instead, the player will get an impression of looking through a window of the mothership:

Stardust Colonies new GUI concept: space

It will be possible to select planets to play different missions on them and to travel to different sectors of the galaxy to play new and old missions. The mothership command view will include consoles for changing your spaceship's parts and doing research, as well as panels for changing game settings. The aim is to create a seamless experience, so that the player feels like they are playing the game from the moment the application starts.

Stardust Colonies new GUI concept: space

The in-game GUI (above, overlaid on top of the old in-game objects) will be similar, while the different overlay panels will change to give you planetary command. It will be possible to fly in and out of a planet during a mission, which will effectively save your progress and return you back to the orbit from where you can travel elsewhere, perform mothership changes or simply enjoy the view.

Note: The provided screenshots are work in progress

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