The new web site is here!

Author: Elendurwen - Created 26 May 2014

Those of you who joined the Alpha testing might remember the old web site:

The old Stardust Colonies web site The new Stardust Colonies web site

As a preparation for the Kickstarter campaign, I spent a lot of time playing with the old design and with different ideas about how to make it better. The new look is more up-to-date with the planned in-game GUI changes and I think it just engages people better with the game and the whole project. Many thanks to dark electro music that provided me with an inspiration!

The web site has moved to its own domain, Hurray! I am also talking to a few graphic designers on Deviant Art, trying to get some nice looking concept art ready for Kickstarter. Oh - and there is the first game play video on YouTube as well! There is of course always room for improvements. What do you think about the new web site? Leave a comment and let me know!

Josh | 26 May 2014

What an addictive game! Nice interface!

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