Kickstarter, the First Game Review and My Impressions So Far

Author: Elendurwen - Created 9 Oct 2014

Kickstarter campaign screenshotSince the Kickstarter campaign launch on Saturday, I’ve been very busy marketing the game, writing press releases and generally just trying to spread the word. I finally found some time to write about the Kickstarter campaign on this blog and to share my first impressions and results of the process.

There have been 17 backers so far and the £14 pledge seems to be the most popular. I already met some very nice people online and offline who were really excited about the project and offered their help either as artists or as advisors on how to market the game. That was a really nice surprise and I would like to thank to the relevant people - you know who you are :) There will hopefully be some more art coming soon and I am also working on a 3D game prototype right now, so that I can show off some of the new atmosphere ideas I have.

Other great news is that the Kickstarter project has already been very positively reviewed on I am trying to get more reviewers (YouTube and online magazines) to have a look at the game though - if you know anyone who reviews indie games, please let me know!

Steam stats page screenshotAlmost nothing majorly bad happened yet, apart from one person trolling the Steam page comments section
(more for my own laugh than anything else) - by the way, the Steam page has 82% ‘Yes’ votes at this point - really nice!
And there was this one person who claimed he could help with marketing and then did not do almost anything for the game, after I spent hours creating a contract for him. I guess these things are simply unavoidable and you can do nothing but sigh and go on.

I must say that I expected the backer count to be a bit higher on the Kickstarter page by this time. Obviously, I have to work harder on my marketing skills. But, I would like to ask all of you who have downloaded the game to consider pledging and to encourage your friends to try the game out as well.

Especially as there is a promotion going on for the first 50 backers right now. There is a lot awesomeness planned for it, and I will try my best to make the project happen, but I also need the support of players to be able to do that.

Finally, big thanks to everyone who has pledged so far, your trust means a lot to me. And thanks to everyone who encouraged me to do this, it’s hard work but I am learning a lot.

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