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Author: Elendurwen - Created 31 May 2013

It has been a long way, but the Stardust Colonies web site is finally launched! With the game's Alpha 1.0 version soon to be released, the web site is now open for testers to join.

The Alpha 1.0 version will feature the first 4 campaign missions and a random map scenario with objectives generated each time you play. In the game, you are to take control of a developing colony and learn how to build basic settlements and make your workers happy. The unique feature of Stardust Colonies is individuality of your minions - each of them has the own job preferences and will behave differently based on what you tell them to do.

There are many plans for future development of the game, some of them, like a completely new interface and in-game graphics, as well as a thrilling story, are beginning to realise already. For now, join as Alpha 1.0 tester and help shape Stardust Colonies for yourself and the future players!

Edit: Please note that Alpha 1.0 testing is now closed.

Elendurwen | 3 Jun 2013

IAlwaysUseCamelCase :)

Garvin | 3 Jun 2013

I hope you didn't use Camel Case.

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