Lorkans are the lower race, genetically engineered by the gorgan colonizators for work. A worker somewhat resembles a humanoid, but is more muscular than a gorgan and therefore much more suitable...
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Since the Kickstarter campaign launch on Saturday, I’ve been very busy marketing the game, writing press releases and generally just trying to spread the word. I finally found some time to...
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After a long wait, the forum has finally been launched. If you are a member, you can now post in the following categories: Game play questions and tips Problems and bugs New game feature...
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Some of you might have noticed that the Stardust Colonies Facebook page recently changed its graphics. Yes it's true - the brand new and awesome promo art is finally here! If you like it, download...
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Just like all in-game characters, buildings and environments, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is undergoing massive improvements. Most importantly, different resolutions will be supported (the...
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I am very excited and pleased to welcome aboard Amir, who will be doing promo and concept art for Stardust Colonies. I met Amir on Deviant Art where I really liked this creation of his. Like me, he...
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Those of you who joined the Alpha testing might remember the old web site: As a preparation for the Kickstarter campaign, I spent a lot of time playing with the old design and with different ideas...
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The first alpha version of Stardust Colonies is finally available to download! This means that you can now play the first four campaign missions, as well as random scenarios. I would like to thank...
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It has been a long way, but the Stardust Colonies web site is finally launched! With the game's Alpha 1.0 version soon to be released, the web site is now open for testers to join. The Alpha 1.0...
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Stardust Colonies
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Alpha 0.1.0
A basic tutorial campaign, random maps with randomized objectives
Kickstarter campaign
Solid plan. Web site re-design. Game play videos.
Steam Greenlight
Project posted on Steam Greenlight. Game refactoring, hiring artisits.
Alpha 0.2.0
Steam support. New interface, 3D graphics, multiple resolutions support. Game play improvements.
Alpha 0.3.0
User login, storing user data remotely. Linux support. More in-game objects.