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Dramatic Story-Driven Campaign Stardust Colonies is a unique sci-fi RTS where you colonize and defeat alien planets. Gather resources, build up your base and complete mission objectives. Micro-manage actions and emotions of your minions so that your race can survive and succeed. Customise your mothership and choose between abilities that will challenge your morality.

It is year 4860 and gorgans have become a successful species of scientists and explorers. They use the lower lorkans for all physical work and manage to control them almost perfectly using long-range telepathy. Gorgans live off the Universe itself - they colonize untouched planets and use acquired resources to progress even further. As a Colonizator, you will be given a chance to create your own intergalactic empire by generating an income, researching technology and upgrading your mothership. You can become a generous and caring explorer of the vast space or a powerful and merciless ruler. Or something in between.
  • Complete mission objectives like building monuments, securing an area or defeating enemy bases
  • Micro-manage your minions by assigning them to jobs they like and are good at
  • Let your minions take a break to make them more effective at work
  • Build light beacons to repel alien creatures that want to steal your resources
  • Train soldiers to eliminate hostile aliens
  • Take care of the basic needs of the colony: provide food, water, light, power
  • Make your minions happy by creating beautifications and entertainment for them
  • Customise your capabilities by buying and researching upgrades for your mothership using resources and intelligence gathered during missions
  • Colonize procedureally generated side-quest planets to secure a stable resource income


  • Procedural maps. Missions feel and look a bit different every time you play them
  • Realistic fog of war, using only line of sight of units and buildings
  • Good, evil or pragmatic? Become the kind of colonizator you want to be
  • Show off your skills and achievements on an on-line profile
  • Original 3D graphics
  • Survival-style minimalistic user interface


B-Ten "Combines the best elements
of both RTS and 'Emu Sims'"
Player Theory "A really interesting premise and
a passionate designer behind it"


Alien Minions Do Care

Screenshot of an unhappy farmerEvery minion has its own job preferences and moods that affect how it performs at a task. For example, a minion might hate farming and it will make sure to let you know! Apart from responding to you grumpily, Its work will be slow and not efficient. It might not even work at all. On the other hand, another minion might love to breed. It will have many offsprings and deliver them in no time.

But individualised moods are not the only thing that makes Stardust colonies fun and new. Minions get tired, work very slowly and require more food until you let them rest. Managing their energy levels is as important as managing their moods.

Constant Battle for Survival

Screenshot of minion gravesThe clock is ticking, food is running out, and more supplies are needed to complete the game objectives. Unless your farmers are efficient enough, you cannot gather enough food and your minions will start dying by hunger. The old ones will fall first, but the entire colony could die if you don’t attend to its needs and preferences. On top of that, there are alien organisms getting more and more curious about your base.

The game play is a constant battle for survival and you can only succeed if you learn how to micro-mage both actions and emotions of your minions.

Dramatic Story-Driven Campaign

Concent for the colonizator tech tree The final game will take you through a dramatic story-driven campaign full of surprises and moral choices. You start as a young Colonizator adept and soon build yourself up to get your own first planet. As you progress, you uncover your hidden past and lear dark truths about your species.

The game will give you research choices and options to upgrade your mothership, allowing you to craft your Colonizator capabilities. Do you research mind control, so that even unhappy minions obey you, or do you invest into happiness injections? Or do you invest into pub blueprints, so that minions can let some steam off from time to time?

Side Quests

There will be randomized side objectives introduced to you along the main story line. Conquering some planets will provide you with a stable resource income that you can use to purchase unique upgrades and research ingredients.
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Alpha 0.1.0
A basic tutorial campaign, random maps with randomized objectives
Kickstarter campaign
Solid plan. Web site re-design. Game play videos.
Steam Greenlight
Project posted on Steam Greenlight. Game refactoring, hiring artisits.
Alpha 0.2.0
Steam support. New interface, 3D graphics, multiple resolutions support. Game play improvements.
Alpha 0.3.0
User login, storing user data remotely. Linux support. More in-game objects.